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Develop and host Hands-on Labs with go deploy, the leading provider of hosted labs services

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Hosted labs services

Hosting your labs

Looking for exceptional hosted labs services? go deploy is your go-to hosted labs provider, offering a remarkable opportunity to create sophisticated and immersive hands-on labs. Our labs are perfect for workshops, training sessions, demonstrations, and proof-of-concept scenarios.

Alternatively, our accomplished team can assist in designing, developing, and deploying labs to meet your specific requirements.

Hosted labs services

Unleash your Labs’ potential

Unlock the power of your labs with our globally accessible platform.

As a premier hosted labs provider, we offer a wide range of options to host your lab environments.

Seamlessly integrate with multiple cloud vendors and customize your experience to meet your specific needs.

Lab migration

Easily transfer to the leading hosted Labs provider

Transitioning your custom lab environments to our platform is a breeze with the dedicated assistance of our specialists. Say goodbye to the hassle of transferring lab images.

We provide a comprehensive consultation service to ensure a seamless and transparent migration process.

Lab build

Tailored solutions for your products and services

Engage our team of subject matter experts to create and develop personalized lab environments that perfectly align with your requirements.

From initial design to full user acceptance testing, we offer a turnkey solution for a comprehensive end-to-end experience.

Experience the unparalleled excellence of go deploy, the foremost provider of hosted labs services. Contact us today to unlock the full potential of your labs.


Hosted labs services

  • Lab support: 24/7 support for all lab issues
  • Lab optimization: Managed lab optimization to ensure the best possible performance and feature exposure
  • Lab test: Upon request go deploy lab specialists can test your custom lab environments to ensure they function as expected
  • Lab translate: Translation of Lab guides to most European languages
  • Lab refine: Review your labs to ensure there are no unnecessary elements
  • Lab assess: Assess labs to ensure the content provided benefits learners granting them the knowledge they need to achieve their goals
  • Lab warranty: Creation and maintenance of your lab throughout its lifetime to ensure continual updates. Particularly suited to Cloud based labs where there are continual changes

Boost efficiency and productivity with Cloud Share

Cloud Share: rapid deployment of preconfigured Cloud resources

Discover the power of Cloud Share, an innovative solution designed to streamline the deployment of cloud resources for students and users. By leveraging Cloud Share, you can minimize setup time and eliminate repetitive tasks, revolutionizing the learning experience.

Reduce expenses per Student

Our automated setup process dramatically reduces the cost per student, optimizing your budget and resources. With Cloud Share, you can allocate cloud subscriptions and credentials to users instantly upon launching a lab. Say goodbye to trials or special subscriptions – students can dive right into hands-on practice.

Enhanced Learning Experience: Productivity at Your Fingertips

Cloud Share enables a seamless and productive learning experience. Through our solution, users gain immediate access to preconfigured cloud resources, eliminating the need for time-consuming setup procedures. This empowers students to focus on learning and practicing without delay.

Unlock the potential of Cloud Share for efficient cloud resource deployment. Contact us today to revolutionize your learning environment.

We are proud to be the only hosted labs provider worldwide to offer Cloud Share subscriptions for the following leading vendors:

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