Azure passes update

Azure Pass Update

As many of you are likely aware, Microsoft has announced that as of April 1, 2023, the process of acquiring Azure passes will be changing. Learning Partners will no longer be able to acquire Azure passes through the Arvato Courseware Marketplace and instead, Azure passes will now be distributed directly by your chosen ALH to students and instructors as required.

So how will it work?

There will be no changes to the way you purchase labs from go deploy. You can continue to purchase labs as you have been, either through the Arvato CWMP, or as a direct customer.

If you are not already a direct customer and would like to be, you can apply for access to our self-service portal by completing this form.

The new process simply means that if a lab is purchased by a Learning Partner that requires an Azure pass, our system will automatically detect this, and the students will be issued their Azure passes directly within their lab environments once it is launched.

In order for instructors to acquire Azure passes, they will be required to create a “class” within the instructor area of our platform, and when they do so using an eligible product access key, our system will issue an Azure pass to the instructor for that course delivery.

We cannot issue more than one Azure pass per student / instructor, and it is very important that instructors help students to manage any resources they deploy during the course delivery, to ensure credits are not wasted. Once the Azure pass credits have been consumed, or the 30 day expiry period is reached, it will not be possible to acquire another pass.

Who can obtain Azure passes?

Only approved Microsoft Learning Partners are allowed to obtain azure passes. We cannot issue MOC labs or Azure passes to any organizations that do not meet these requirements.

What labs will be issued with an Azure pass?

Azure passes can only be distributed for the labs listed below:

  • AZ-140
  • AZ-400
  • MS-720
  • PL-400
  • PL-500
  • SC-200
  • SC-300

Azure passes cannot be issued for labs relating to custom courses, custom workshops or community courses. If you are considering running any custom courses, custom workshops or community courses and believe you will require Azure passes, you should reach out to Microsoft directly for further assistance with this.

As an alternative to Azure passes, we also offer the ability to host custom content using our Cloud Share solution, in which you can design labs utilizing our commercial Azure subscriptions.

If you have any further questions, please contact and a member of our team will be happy to assist you.